Time to make the donuts!

Meet, Greet, Test Drive! Over the years I have seen the simplest tasks we do become our biggest success or biggest failure.

Who remembers the commercial from years ago (circa 1984) when the Dunkin Donuts guy would walk in and out of the door repeatedly saying, “time to make the donuts”, “time to make the donuts”. I live next door to a gentleman that has been doing just that for over 40 years. He and his son own one of the first Dunkin Donuts and only Baskin Robbins franchise in town. It is almost a guarantee my neighbor is out of his house by 3:30 AM everyday (7 days a week) to be at his store to help “make the donuts”. Their pride has always been to make sure they are ready for that first customer who gets there at 4:30 AM and wants fresh hot donuts and coffee.

Although most of us who sell automobiles have not actually made them. We can make sure our cars are ready to be driven off the dealership. If we are prepared with clean, mechanically sound cars, ready for a test drive then we know we have done all we can to prepare to be successful.

The Meet, Greet and Test drive are our fresh donuts and coffee:

Meet – Acknowledge your customer. Welcome them on your dealership.

Greet – Introduce yourself and ask for their name. Most people appreciate when you remember their name and use it.

Test drive – It’s another way you can get to know your customer and they will get to know you as well.

Doing these three simple tasks increase your opportunity to turn that prospect into your customer. It’s not necessary to be the first one open at 4:30 AM, though it is necessary to be prepared to Meet, Greet and Test Drive. Happy Selling!

-Bill Elizondo, June 15th, 2018

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