Recipe: The Perfect Customer

It’s Summertime and everyone has the perfect dish. Whether it’s a mouthwatering hamburger, a fresh fruit bowl, or grilled bacon wrapped jalapeños, every picture you see on the cover of a magazine looks perfect. Although, I use all the same ingredients and follow the recipe precisely, my creations never look the same. Luckily, I am not cooking for a magazine cover. 

Here is a recipe that is perfect every time: The Perfect Customer!

——————————————Cut and Save——————————————————–

The Perfect Customer


– 1 quality used car purchased at a good price

– 1 brush, 1 towel, water and bucket of soapy water

–  3 large scoops of great customer service (meet and greet, test drive, identify their needs) 

– 1 term of making sure the payment is affordable for the customer

– 1 set of agreed upon expectations

– A handful of empathy


Take these ingredients and place them into your dealership, allow them to blend and stir them for the term of the contract. On occasion add in the empathy when necessary, laughing and genuinely smiling will also help. When the term is complete be prepared to hand the customers the title, the extra set of keys you made, and thank them for their business. If you feel you are still missing something you can always ask for referrals during and after they paid off your contract.  This is a great recipe for a successful customer. Enjoy and make as many as you can!

-Bill Elizondo, September 7th, 2018

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